Grossé was founded by Mr Heinrich Henkel and Mr Florentin Grossé,

located at the famous goldsmith town, Pforzheim, in Germany.


The Brand has successfully adapted fashion jewellery to the spirits of the times,

and launched the worldwide leading fashion name: Grossé jewellery.


Grossé received the highest distinction for costume jewellery, the “Diplôme d’Honneur”,

at the Paris World’s Fair for advanced, creative implementation of new technologies.


The factory was completely demolished during the Second World War. After the War, the family gathered a

gain to rebuild the factory by using the only gold bar they had hidden under the soil during the war.


The firm has signed the exclusive world license agreement with Christian Dior Paris, granting

the rights for the manufacturing and distribution of the collection “Christian Dior Bijoux”.


Grossé diffusion collection was launche in order to expand the variety of Grossé products.

Products include leathergoods, scarves, ties, muffler, etc.


To celebrate its 100th Anniversary, Grosse held a marvellous Jewellery exhibition and Gala Dinner

at The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel on the 3rd December.


The Grossé families look back on the gloriously successful past of their family business thru

a magnificent exhibition held in Pforzheim,

Germany at the Schmuckmuseum Phorzheim from September 17th to November 14, 2010.